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The Authentics Rock Promotional Video

The Authentics Video by Shared Visions Unlimited

I worked with Bill Allman and Rocket Norton to create a promotional video for The Authentics, featuring legendary rockers Al Harlow, Rocket Norton, Ab Bryant, John Hall, and Ray Ayotte.

Collectively the musicians performed on mega-hit recordings by Prism, Seeds of Time, Chilliwack, Headpins, Rocket Norton Band, Heart, and Trooper.

Shared Visions Unlimited shot the video during various performances in recent years.

Bill Allman wrote and read the narration script, which I recorded with a mobile recordin setup and tuned with Apple Logic.

Various photos and audio tracks were combined in Apple FinalCut Pro to create the final version.

The video will help them secure a small tour and future gigs around town.

Other Video Work

I have created a wide range of videos over the years, including:

  • Music concert videos
  • Scripted music videos
  • Live capture of concerts and theatre productions
  • Profiles of church history
  • Interviews with people who have interesting lives
  • Beautiful travel locations
  • Keynote speakers
  • Business promotion videos
  • Weddings and other family events
  • Training videos
  • Software demonstrations
  • Yoga demonstrations
  • House tours
  • Garden tours
  • Garden demonstrations
  • Workshop discussions
  • Video sales letters

See https://www.youtube.com/c/GregDixon2007 for samples.

Video Services

  • Script preparation
  • Studio shoots
  • On location shoots
  • Green-screen shoots
  • Video sales letters
  • Photo montages

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Capture Your Musical Performances With Video and Audio Recordings

Do you have a musical event you would like to capture and share?

We can record your performance with multiple video cameras and edit with multitrack recordings to create a stunning video of your event.

Previous projects include live concerts, choirs, scripted music videos, and show tunes.

Here is a sample featuring Carlos Nunez at the Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver.

This was shot with two Sony HD cameras and a stereo audio feed from the theatre mixer.

I was called at the last minute when a still photographer could not make it.

The lighting in the theatre was superb.

Please see more examples: