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Business Transformation Alchemy With Greg Dixon

Business Transformation Alchemy Program
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I am launching a new program to help you take action on creating a life and business you love.

The Business Transformation Alchemy Program is both a process and an action plan to take the steps to manifest and implement the transformations you seek.

The program is part coaching, part training, and a lot of Done-With-You.

I have a lot of skills and tools in my Transformation Alchemy Treasure Chest.

What transformations do you want for your life and business?

Greg Dixon
— Your Transformation Enabler

Lighten Your Load So We Can Make It To The Other Side ~ Danielle LaPorte Podcast

I recently came across this podcast by Danielle LaPorte about letting go of things that weigh us down so that we can come out the current crisis lighter in spirit.

“Binding identities, grievances, expired dreams, regrets, possessions. Can you feel the pressure to let go?

Energetic stagnation makes us more vulnerable to all kinds of viral things—from negative thought patterns to viruses. I’m rolling out “The List of Letting Go” so we can lighten our emotional load to fit through this portal of change.” 

— Danielle Laporte

Danielle has an amazing voice and something in this podcast resonated with me. It may also resonate with you.

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