Our Approach

Our Approach

Bonnie worked in many areas of business, including sales, retail, and wholesale in the natural foods industry with a region that went from California to British Columbia.

She has given presentations on how small businesses can be competitive even with strong competition from big retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

Greg also has worked in many industries including an international systems integration company, management assessment company, a company creating helium purification systems, and has been in the business of providing video and photography services, creating websites, online systems, and digital marketing systems.

Greg is a member of Marie Forleo's B-School, American Writers and Arts Incorporated (AWAI), and the GKIC Inside Circle and expanding copywriting and marketing skills.

Our Influences & Training

Our Story

Our Story

Shared Visions Unlimited started as an online art gallery by Greg Dixon and has evolved into a multimedia and marketing company.

Bonnie joined the company in 2018 as we merged our lives and talents.

The emphasis on travel is a passion for both and a frequent experience given Bonnie is from Southern California and Greg's roots are in Western Canada.

Both have travelled widely in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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