Copywriting is the cornerstone of  presenting and marketing your business. Copy is about the only thing search engines understand and how people find you.

We provide a wide range of copywriting services to help spread the word about your messages, products, and services.

Sales Letters

A sales letter compels the reader to action.  Some sales letters are short.  Some can be very long.  In general, the more complex or expensive the product or service, the longer the sales letter.

The best sales letters grabs the interest of the reader, provides both emotional and intellectual appeal, offers proof through evidence and testimonials, and makes a strong cll to action.

Blog Posts

Short information pieces designed to attract followers and establish credibility. While the difference between a blog post and a web page is subtle, a web page is part of the formal structure of a web site while a blog post is a more immediate expression.

A blog post on a timely subject can attract readers to a site.  The posts can also be linked from social media posts and newsletters to bring to your site.


Regular publications in print or through email.

The primary goal of modern digital marketing is to grow a list of potential customers.  A regular newsletter can help keep a connection with a subscriber.  An engaging newsletter with helpful content can keep your business top of mind when the subscriber is ready to become a client.

Social Media Campaigns

Posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms to attract followers and customers.

Website Content

Descriptions of your business, your products and services, helpful tips, and more.

We can also create whole websites from scratch or renovate existing sites.

Our preference is to use WordPress as the platform of choice.


Short or long reviews of products and services.

White Papers

Longer detailed articles about a product or service, often used for Business to Business (B2B) companies.

Video Sales Letters

Often a long or short form sales letter presented on video with some or all of the following:

  • Images
  • Text
  • On camera presenter
  • Animations
  • Music

Even a simple spoken sales letter with the text on screen as read can be very effective.

AWAI Copywriting Price Guide

Professional Copywriting Rates

One of the best sources of information about copywriting is the American Writers and Artists (AWAI) Copywriting Pricing Guide.

The document has great trend information about the importance of copywriting and current professional rates.

AWAI Copywriting Pricing Guide

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