Do you have a musical event coming up that you would like to capture with professional video and audio?

We have shot video and created online clips or DVDs for dozens of concerts and band performances.

The samples below use two to five cameras.

When possible, we recorded 16 track multitrack to create a sound engineered soundtrack.

Some of the clips use a professional feed from the auditorium that was usable.

Here are some video samples featuring Carlos Nunez, The Authentics, Heart of Stone, Revolver, Julie Blue’s Singspiration Singers, Girls Will Be GirlsBlazing Saddles, Santa’s Little Helper, and Blind Rhymin’ Cornbread.

Venues have included concert theatres, small clubs, churches, dance halls, and outdoor shoot locations. Click on the All button to see thumbnails for all of the clips.

Do you have a musical event you want to capture?

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