Savannah GeorgiaWe share travel adventure experiences through travel writing, photography, and video and provide travel content and marketing services for travel-focused organizations.

Bonnie and I  have traveled a great deal in the last few years, including well over 30,000 km in the motorhome, collecting photos, video, and experiences across the land.

Travel Locations

There will be a lot more travel in our future.  We are sharing photos and stories here, through other sites, social media, publications that have travel stories.

Shared Visions Unlimited provides a range of promotional services for travel destinations, experiences, and companies.

Here are some of the things we are exploring.

Please contact us if you want any of these for your organization.

Stock Photography

We have a few thousand photos taken in the last few years in many fabulous locations.  We are starting to upload them to (Getty Images) and other stock agencies.

Travel Articles

We have many articles in mind for publication in travel publications including in-flight magazines.

Travel Video and Photography

We have many many splendid  photos and  video clips to enhance our travel stories or for use by other writers and publishers.

Restaurant and Resort Profiles

We can do Food Network style interviews of your eatery for promotion through your channels and ours.

Arrivedo Neighbourhood Guides

We are a member of Arrivedo and can create neighbourhood guides for your hotel.  See how it works at

Your Travel Adventures

One service we can offer it to take photos and video as you explore with your loved ones.

We weave the photos, video, and stories into a number of keepsakes for you to cherish and share.

Options include:

  • Online photo gallery
  • Printed photo album
  • Custom calendar
  • Video montage
  • Video adventure story

We can also work with local car services to provide transportation.  We can either ride with you or meet you at dream locations.

One company that provides private travel tours in the Vancouver area is Rocket Town Car Service at

Just Getting Started

We are just getting started with this.  Stay tuned for travel posts on this site and links to places where our work is published.

Please contact us if you want to us of any of the above services appeal to you or you have a specific travel article you would like for your publication.

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