Copywriting is one of those words that can be foreign to potential clients until they get how important it can be to their business.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting refers broadly to any kind of persuasive writing used to for many reasons:

  • Promote products and services
  • Communicate ideas
  • Create interest in non-profit projects
  • Political campaigns
  • And much more

You see it in advertisements, billboards, newsletters, product brochures, social media marketing, websites, video promotions, ….

In short, copywriting is responsible for almost everything you read in print, on screen, and online.  Most political speeches are a form of copywriting.

Copy Is Everywhere

Here are the kinds of copywriting we do:

  • Content Marketing
    Informative articles and reviews that promote interest in a product or service.
  • Websites or Web Pages
    Anything from single pages and posts to full websites with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The current platform of choice is WordPress to make it easy for clients to work on as little as much as their time and interest suggests.
  • Blog Posts
    One strategy to keep interest is to post blog posts on interesting topics on a regular basis.  These in turn can be promoted through social media and linked in email newsletters.  The goal is to create a synergy between various marketing platforms to light up your online presence.
  • Social Media Posts
    Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter posts and advertising campaigns.
  • Newsletters
    Weekly or monthly newsletters that inform the members about events, helpful information, and special offerings.
  • Billboards
    Our recent adventures with signs has us interested in writing for billboards.
  • Electronic Message Centers
    These are the limited color, full-color, and video signs that have scrolling or changing images.  Given my video background, I am especially interested in creating effective sign presentation.
  • Video Sales Letters
    Persuasive videos that promote ideas, services, or products.  Could include testimonials.

Why Do You Need A Copywriter?

Chances are that your projects currently require quite a lot of writing to succeed.

You can (and should) learn to write great copy yourself.

Two places to learn are American Writers & Artists Incorporates (AWAI) at and Marie Forleo’s The Copy Cure at

Chances are, you will have more copy to write than you have time to write.

And perhaps writing copy is not the best use of your time.

That is when one or more copywriters can step in to help.

Projects can be single items or writing over time with a monthly retainer.

I have been a member of American Writers and Artists (AWAI) for two  years and have attended the Copywriting Bootcamp and Jobfair in Delray Beach, Florida in 2015 and 2017.

AWAI Copywriting Price GuideThe following AWAI pricing guide provides a lot more information about the importance of copywriting, the range of possible copywriting projects, and industry pricing ranges:

AWAI Copywriting Pricing Guide

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